My name is Jill DeCaro, and I'm running for
Old Bridge's Ward 4 Town Council seat

For the past 22 years, I have been an active member of our community, serving as PTA president at Schirra and Sandburg schools, PTSA president at our high school, and as coordinator of the PTA Presidents’ Council. Around town, I have served as a board member of the Sayrewood South Rebels and as a teacher at St. Ambrose’s Parish School of Religion. Currently, I serve as president of Old Bridge’s Board of Education, having been elected to the Board in 2017 and 2020.

I am committed to helping our town, and strongly feel that our greatest need is new Town Council leadership. Ward 4 residents are at the heart of Old Bridge, and as such, bear the brunt of future development - from the Oaks at Glenwood housing complex, to the continued buildout of our Town Center district, and to the replacement of farmland and Glenwood Country Club with warehouses. This major transformation of our landscape demands a Ward 4 representative who will be present and focused on local issues such as holding developers accountable and reviving our town’s open space preservation.

In recent years, Old Bridge has scaled back services offered to its residents, but little has been heard from our Ward 4 representative on these and other local issues. Since taking office in 2018, our current Councilman has focused on his own ambition, seeking higher office on three separate occasions and switching political parties from Democratic to Republican in order to do so. Campaigning from the council chamber has been a constant distraction from township business, with Ward 4 residents hearing more about what goes on in Trenton and Washington D.C. than in Old Bridge.

A vote for me is a vote for renewed focus on our town and representation for all Ward 4 residents, regardless of their political views. My long-standing commitment to this town as well as professional experience in real estate give me the motivation and knowledge required to excel as a council member. This is a challenge I cannot back down from, and I look forward to earning your support in the coming months.

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